This is a little off-topic for Inhabitat, but we since we love Biodiesel and Willie Nelson – we couldn’t resist:

Willie Nelson, the 72-year-old braided country-western star, has recently launched his own brand of biodiesel, called Biowillie. In creating the new fuel, the iconic signer has attempted to blend two of his biggest concerns: his love of family farmers and disdain for the Iraq war. In a recent New York Times piece, Willie Nelson says:

I knew we needed to have something that would keep us from being so dependent on foreign oil, and when I heard about biodiesel, a light come on, and I said, ‘Hey, here’s the future for the farmers, the future for the environment, the future for the truckers. It seems like that’s good for the whole world if we can start growing our own fuel instead of starting wars over it.

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