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Ryo Isobe, Japan, Onico Beauty Salon, Osaka, urban design, woodland, fantasy woodland, antiques, DIY, daylighting, Japanese minimalism, birch trees, moody antiques, sustainable design, green design, eco-design

A fan of antiques and do-it-yourself projects, the client was responsible for a great deal of the interior furnishings. These include frames as decorative wall objects, antique chairs and mirrors, moody chandeliers and some exposed lighting fixtures and even – to our dismay – a stuffed owl. While we could live with an interior woodland without the owl, there is no doubting its overall contribution to the fantasy affect.

In keeping with Japanese minimalism, the furnishings are sparse and the space is exceptionally well lit and ventilated. Cut outs in the wall permit daylighting and viewpoints to other parts of the beauty salon. The light-colored walls help create a sense of expansiveness – as though, after dark, one could get lost in this interior forest.

+ Ryo Isobe

Via Dezeen