A new startup wants to give fans a chance to sample lab-grown meat infused with the DNA of their favorite celebrities! BiteLabs has creepy plans to make salami comprised of manufactured animal meat and human tissue from celebrities like James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, Kanye West, and Ellen DeGeneres – taking meat alternatives to an absurd new level.

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Modelled after similar projects such as the Google Burger, the salami would consist of roughly 30 percent celebrity meat, 40 percent lab-grown animal meat, and who knows what else. Ostrich, venison, pork, and rabbit are some of the animals that might be used, each of which has been paired with a particular celebrity profile. James Franco’s salami for example will be “smoky, sexy, and smooth. Franco’s meat will pair with lean, strong venison.”

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Before we go any further, now is probably the time to point out that it’s still unclear whether BiteLabs is a legitimate startup, an elaborate marketing scheme for an anonymous activist group, or a satirical piece that has no absolutely no limits. In an email with Motherboard, a representative known only as Kevin provided some very extensive answers in a somewhat serious tone when asked about the company’s true intentions.

BiteLabs has been carrying out an extensive Twitter campaign that encourages people to Tweet their favorite celebrities to try and get them involved. While their intentions are still unclear, the ‘startup’ has already proven that lab-grown meat in a hot topic, especially when it involves the use of human DNA. Artificial meat has many benefits for the environment, but there are plenty of ethical concerns that still need to be addressed before BiteLabs can proceed.

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