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For almost a year, Holm collected remnants of used skateboards. Beginning in December 2011, he began gathering his old decks, before turning to his friends for their unusable boards.  When those were not enough, he scoured the streets of Finland for disused and broken skateboards. Still unsatisfied, he began contacting various indoor skateboards around the country, who were happy to pass off their skateboard refuse to him.

Once enough of the board remnants were collected, Holm began reworking the durable wood pieces. Meshing the pieces, he built a standard fishtail shaped surfboard that stretched to six feet four inches. Weighing just over 22 pounds, Holm managed to make the entire board solely out of recycled materials.

The resulting board is a rainbow of colors, all showing off the stripes of the board remnants that it was honed from. Holm uses the colors from the used boards as inspiration, transforming them into everything from furniture to art.

Holm has even kept the remnants from the surfboard project, and plans to used the skateboard material in his next inspiring recycled project.

+ Bjorn Hom