Melbourne’s City Minster for Planning Matthew Guy recently gave the green light for a skinny new 73-story tower that will be just under 40 feet at its narrowest point. Designed by BKK Architects, the 753-foot building will feature a “twisted flower stem” design and it will contain 256 apartments along with an elevated spa, a sauna, a pool deck, and shops and cafes at ground level. The tower will also utilize green building strategies ranging from on-site power generation to integrated water management and modular construction.

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BKK architects said that the tower’s design strategies operate at three different perspectives: the larger urban context, the immediate public realm and the level of the inhabitant. At the urban scale, the project will provide Melbourne with a new landmark building that serves a major freeway leading into the city center. Architects believe the building’s unique profile will provide a “dramatic and dynamic” experience for commuters stuck on the road.

The lower floors of the skinny tower are designed to invigorate the public realm. Access for cars is provided by a sophisticated glass enclosure and state-of-the-art car lift system, which the architects say provides a direct and engaging relationship to the street. The lobby soars to the full height of the seven level podium. Landscape integrated within the building fabric is also an essential part of the experience.

The cafe and seating areas located on the ground floor provide occupants and residents from the local neighborhood with a place to relax and unwind. Architects made use of a voronoi pattern to seamlessly merge different elements of the ground floor together .

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Images by BKK Architects