We were truly amazed by the variety of products shown at last weekend’s BKLYN designs, where we saw everything from timber tables to skateboards on the floor. We loved how designers seemed to look at waste, scrap and ordinary things and then finding ways to turn them into new items worthy of a second look, such as is the case with this beautifully inventive Strainer lamp by Nicholas Furrow.

Take a bunch of common kitchen strainers of different sizes, a few coat hooks, a light bulb, arrange them around a light bulb in the center, and you get this beautiful and very interesting lamp which casts a wonderful soft light and interesting shadows. What would be the coolest would be if you could actually take this strainers off the hook to use them for cooking, and then hang them back into the lamp when you are done – sort of like the Wine Glass Chandelier – but for strainers. If you think that you’ve heard his name before, it might be from the fawning praise that we lavished on Nicholas Furrow last year, when we spotted his lovely Red Light District Lamp at BKLYN Designs

+ Nicholas Furrow