Nicholas Furrow was showing a few other items at BKLYN Designs, aside from the strainer lamp, and we’d light to show you another one that caught our eye, and nose: The Honey Jar Lamp. It is part of a series of experiments from Nicholas that involve the use of fruits and vegetables and light to obtain some interesting results.

“Creating a “green” lamp was also a main concern in the design process. I wanted to work with clean, simple, organic materials, that offered a tactile contrast to each other” he said in regards to his inspiration for the Honey Jar Lamp. The lamp is a simple glass jar covered with crude unfiltered beeswax hung at an angle with simple brass fittings and a chain. The lamp gives off a nice warm yellow light, while at the same time also engaging the sense of smell by emitting a nice aroma of honey as it warms up.

The Honey Jar Lamp was one of the many interesting designs at last weekend’s BKLYN Designs show. We look forward to see what else comes out of next year’s show.

+ Nicholas Furrows