One of the things I am most looking forward to at BKLYN Designs is Nicholas Furrow’s gorgeous collection of lamps made from recycled objects. The Red-Light District Lamps, shown above, are made from vintage 1970’s glass lampshades, stacked and glued to form a rigid column. I love the colorful pop aesthetic of these lamps, as well as the thoughtful re-use of vintage objects. In addition to all that, these lamps use highly efficient LEDs, consuming only 1-5 watts per day. In fact, I can’t find anything to critique about these lamps – they are perfect in every way!

Nicholas Furrow is a Brooklyn-based lighting designer who uses a wide variety of materials and technologies in work. He often uses recycled and reappropriated objects to create dynamic sculptural and playful forms. His lighting designs have been recognized in New York Magazine, Magazine 34, and Stanford Magazine.

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