We’re gearing up for the start of BKLYN Designs next week and are excited to offer a few sneak peaks of some amazing and talented designers who are focusing on green design. First up is FUNature, a furniture line created by Hugh Hayden, a relative newcomer in the world of design. Hayden’s new line of chairs and tables was inspired by the messy yet imaginative and comfortable experience of ball-pools (like the kind you played in at Chuck E Cheese, but without the gross unknown at the bottom). His environmentally conscious line is perfect for adults as well as children and is sure to bring back fun memories.

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The FUNature furniture line is made up of non-toxic, repurposed, low-density polyethylene (salvaged tennis balls), put together in a patent-pending tension matrix. The pieces are flexible and adjustable, adapting to the user’s body and position much like the ball-pool but with a bit more stability. Hayden’s collection consists of chairs, piles, poufs, stools and tables in various sizes to accommodate both big and small bodies. The pieces are available in prescribed and custom colors, as well as custom ball patterns.

As a young designer with an architecture degree from Cornell, Hayden has been exploring architecture in the context of food for many years. Dinner parties were his forte, and he enticed his guests to experience food in a different way. During his “Smooth” dinner party, for instance, he asked guests to bring familiar foods and then pureed them to eliminate all the distractions except the taste. After receiving the Skidmore Owings & Merrill Travel Scholarship, he went off to explore intrinsic dining architecture and design elements. Now Hayden focuses on the design of tableware and furniture. We’re already big fans of his FUN designs and look forward to seeing more exciting pieces from him.

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