BlackLight’s new “Hydrino theory” process, which directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of hydrogen, has received validation from a leading group of energy and industry experts. The group has said that the company’s discovery “represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology”.

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Of course the potential of energy being generated from water is massive, and it could hold enormous promise for a wide range of commercial applications. And while it has always seemed like a pipe dream, BlackLight has recently completed a $5 million round of financing to support commercial development of the new process.

The academic group, which included PhDs from the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, discovered in six separate, independent studies that BlackLight has achieved a technological breakthrough with its CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) clean energy generating process and cell.

The entire process is fueled by water vapor which is harnessed by the CIHT cell and turned into energy as electrical power output. It is also suitable for essentially all power applications including transportation applications and electrical power production completely autonomous of fuels and grid infrastructure at a small fraction of the current capital costs.

“BlackLight’s continuously operating, power-producing system converts ubiquitous H2O (water) vapor directly into electricity, oxygen, and a new, more stable form of Hydrogen called Hydrino, which releases 200 times more energy than directly burning hydrogen,” said Dr. Randell Mills, Chairman, CEO and President of BlackLight Power, Inc., and inventor of the process.

While hydrogen is not naturally available and has to be produced using energy, H2O vapor is ubiquitous and can be obtained from the air. BlackLight has raised a total of $75 M for the development and commercialization of its breakthrough energy technology, and has license agreements with companies to use its patented commercial processes and systems in heating and electric power generation. The company aims to produce a 100 W unit  for completion by the end of 2012 and a 1.5 kiloWatt (kW) pilot unit that can serve the residential power market. As an initial target commercial application, it is expected to be operational by 2013.

Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry said of the breakthrough: “The CIHT cells constantly output stable, very high-gain electrical power for more than a month, with H2O as the only source of fuel for the process. The trace H2O vapor was supplied by a water source, or alternatively, it was extracted directly from the air, resulting in generation of electricity from water alone. This process and system that I have confirmed is truly exceptional.”

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