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Since the 42-story Museum Tower has opened in 2011, the glare from its highly reflexive façade has been forcing people working in the adjacent Renzo Piano-designed Nasher Sculpture Center to endure extremely high temperatures during work hours. Nasher demanded that the developers add an external louver system to the Tower, which they refused to do out of fear that it will negatively affect the building’s profitability. Negotiations kept falling through until the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund (DPFF)-the developer of the Museum Tower- commissioned architecture firms REX and Front to come up with a solution that would not alter the construction of either building.

The team came up with a 400-foot sculpture proposal that could potentially shield Nasher from the Tower’s intense glare. It is a transforming sculpture that tracks the daily reflections from the Tower and is pixilated into small flower-like shades which “blossom” to provide optimal protection. The shades are embedded within a structural ring and fixed in place using armature. The ring-shaped sculpture would allow controlled natural light to reach Nasher’s interior and would be supported by a tripod installed at a parking lot close to Museum Tower. It is unclear whether or when the sculpture will be built, but we bet the employees in Nasher are eager for a quick fix.

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