Yesterday, modular home maker Blu Homes launched a new line of eco-friendly prefab houses called the Evolution. Their very first two story model, the new home includes all of the amenities and green finishes their other models do as well as Blu’s proprietary foldable prefab technology. Designed for single family homes, townhomes and development communities, the Evolution prefab home is yet another card in Blu Homes’ already well stacked deck.

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Blu Homes, as you might remember, acquired mkDesigns last year, helping to raise its status in the prefab world. The prefab maker also has a really unique manufacturing and delivery process. Their homes are completely factory constructed, then folded down flat, making delivery of the home much easier. When the home arrives on site, their team of builders unfolds the house and snaps it together. All their homes come complete with eco-friendly finishes, energy efficient appliances and systems, low flow fixtures, are solar and rainwater system ready and more. Blu Homes also claims their prefab homes use half the energy that a typical home uses, which is great, although we think they could go even further and make them super energy efficient.

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