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Dimopoulos’ use of ultramarine blue (so reminiscent of James Cameron’s Avatar) was probably coincidental, but his desire to create some kind of sacred awareness of our primordial tree species was not. He writes on his website that “The Blue Trees is a social art action. Through color I am making a personal statement about the spirituality of trees and their importance to our very survival: trees are the lungs of the planet.”

Although once-ubiquitous Redwoods, Sequoias, and Oaks that stood proud and tall in forests around the planet are never likely to come back to life, these colored trees will eventually revert to their natural state. In the meantime, Dimopoulous hopes that his work will inspire others to notice what is reverential about the trees that we have so thoughtlessly razed. They are an unusual canvas, but incredibly powerful all the same.

+ Konstantin Dimopoulos

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