Electronics that rely on batteries have the disadvantage of succumbing to obsolescence once their charging and discharging cycles have reached their limit, but one firm is moving away from that model. Portland, Oregon-based Blueshift has created the world’s first wireless speakers powered by supercapacitors. This novel power-storage system not only allows their Helium speakers to juice up in just five minutes for six hours of continuous play, but it is designed to last a lifetime.

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The Helium’s design is based around efficiency and environmental sustainability. The exterior of the units are wrapped in bamboo to take advantage of a renewable, attractive, and rigid material. The speakers work with open-source hardware that allows users to further improve upon their purchase.

The 105 HZ Helium features a four-inch driver that pumps out a lot of sound without having to use much energy. Bluetooth-enabled, the speakers are compatible with just about any smartphone. And since they can be recharged millions of times, Helium speakers also cut down on waste by remaining tough, reparable, and functional long past their plastic, poorly-made counterparts.

The Blueshift speakers are the subject of a Crowd Supply campaign, and a minimum donation of $350 will snag a Helium mono speaker set. The funds will go towards scaling up production once the company gets the go-ahead from the FCC.

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