Car enthusiasts rejoiced when BMW launched their car sharing program, BMW on Demand, last year in Munich. Now the program has been upgraded for the tech-savvy. With BMW DriveNow, users can download an application to their smart device which locates the closest BMW up for grabs, which is unlocked using a chip in your driver’s license. Welcome to the future of car sharing!

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For a registration fee of $42, drivers gain access to the cars, which for now are a mix of Mini Coopers and 1- Series models. DriveNow enables drivers to pick up the nearest car, do their bidding, then drop it off wherever. The fees are priced, oddly, per minute rather than by distance at 29 cents (which works out to $21 an hour), which could atone for getting stuck in traffic. However, the $21/hr includes gas and free parking.

DriveNow is only available in Munich for now, but will hopefully make its way stateside. The program is perfect for green conscious New Yorkers (whose carbon foot prints are small just by our use of public transportation alone) who love the luxe life, but without having the commitment of a car. Not to mention BMW has been named the most sustainable car maker by Dow Jones for five years in a row – now that is green luxury!

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