Range anxiety is often cited as one of the primary hesitations that consumers have when looking to purchase an electric car. While it will be a while until the infrastructure is in place to allow for longer driving distances, BMW has announced plans to provide its future EV buyers with gas-powered loaner cars that they can borrow for trips that exceed the electric driving range of its upcoming i3.

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When the BMW i3 is released later this year it will have an electric driving range up to 100 miles and an optional range extender will increase the total driving range to approximately 186 miles. For trips that exceed the i3’s range, BMW is going to offer a no-cost gas-powered loaner car to i3 owners. BMW hasn’t announced the full details of the program, but it does predict that at least 10 percent of i3 owners will need a loaner car.

The idea of offering gas-powered loaner cars to EV owners isn’t entirely new, since Nissan also offers it to Leaf buyers, but the idea could become even more popular in the near future.


via Fast Company