BMW has yet to officially unveil the production version of its upcoming i3 electric vehicle – however BMW’s execs recently dropped a few hints about its impending launch date. According to Autoblog we can expect the fully electric BMW i3 to hit the US market early next year at a base price of around $34,500.

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BMW gave a few journalists some time behind the wheel of a pre-production prototype of the new BMW i3, and during the drive they gave a few hints at the i3’s pricing and when we can expect it to arrive in the U.S. In addition to the all-electric i3, BMW is going to offer a two-cylinder range-extender engine that will improve the i3’s total driving range, which should add another $2,000 to the final cost.

The first sales of the electric i3 will kick off in Europe in November, with sales in the US starting in early 2014. Buyers that want the range-extended hybrid version will have to wait a few months after the i3’s launch. The production version of the i3 will debut later this month on July 29.


Via: Autoblog