Laser beams could be the next addition to the list of über cool vehicle gadgetry. The engineers over at BMW are currently working on a laser headlight system that they believe could be available in a BMW series production within the next few years. The laser beam headlights will open up a world of safety features, will be twice as efficient as LED headlights, and can be up to 1,000 times stronger. The ultra efficient lighting update will save energy — and therefore gas, with their current engines — but we’re a little worried they’ll be keeping their BMW drivers safe while blinding drivers on the other side of the road.

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Laser light is very different from sunlight. It is monochromatic and is made up of waves that have a constant phase of difference. Because of these features, laser headlights could produce a beam that is completely parallel and exact. BMW says their technology will take the original blue laser lights and convert them into a pleasant bright white light that is suitable to road traffic. They are saying that these converted beams of light pose no risks to humans or wildlife — good to know that future BMW’s won’t be zapping roadside beings as they drive by.

Laser diodes are 100 hundred times smaller than the LED diodes currently proliferating in the auto lighting industry; lasers are just ten microns in width. The size of the diodes would allow engineers to explore new positioning of headlights and new body styling. Engineers are currently working on developing new functions for these new, super efficient diodes and are featuring their new laser lighting in the BMW i8 Concept.


Via Asia Online