BMW is going electric in a big way. The German luxury vehicle maker announced that it is going to manufacture a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) version of each of its models. BMW has begun production of its first all-electric, zero emissions vehicle — i3 city car — with European deliveries set to start in November. Next up will be the i8 sports car, which is a plug-in hybrid currently under development. After these two electric vehicle launches, BMW will begin making electric versions of its regular lineup, starting with a plug-in hybrid electric version of the X5 SUV.

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BMW’s head of production line for large vehicles, Peter Wolf, told Australian automotive news site that battery packaging issues held up production of PHEVs but that those issues have been fixed and that they “are planning to have a plug-in hybrid [vehicle] in each and every model series.”

With i3, BMW has designed a car that is not only fully electric, but environmentally friendly in nearly every aspect. The New York Times describes i3 as “designed from its wheels on up to be not only emissions-free in use and production, but also to convey the concept of a clean and green future.”

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