To coincide with the opening of the world’s first BMW i Store on London’s Park Lane, BMW has unveiled an updated i3 concept and the i Pedelec concept electric bicycle. The updated i3 is based on the original concept that was unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show, but with updates to the interior. The i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) is set up as the perfect complement to the BMW i3. It can be folded up almost in the blink of an eye and there is room for two of them in the trunk of the BMW i3. In addition to the two vehicles, BMW will also unveil its 360° ELECTRIC package in London for the first time. This extensive range of products and services promises to provide an extremely reliable, comfortable and flexible way of experiencing the benefits of electromobility on a day-to-day basis.

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The BMW i3 Concept has been updated with unique interior materials based around renewable raw materials. A mixture of leather, wood, wool and other renewable raw materials shapes the face of the BMW i3 Concept interior, the extensive use of natural fibers inside the car underline the premium blueprint of BMW i. The eucalyptus wood used for the instruments is sourced from sustainably managed European forests. A natural tanning agent made from olive leaves is used for the leather seats and high-quality wool is used for sections of the instrument panel and door trim to lend the interior a pleasant lounge-style ambience. The BMW i3 concept has room for four passengers and is powered by a 170 horsepower electric motor. The i3, which will be the first all-electric vehicle from BMW will go into production in 2013.

The BMW i Pedelec concept electric bicycle is a new innovative two-wheeler that fits in the i3 concept’s trunk and adds a convenient layer to personal mobility, particularly in urban areas. The new BMW i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) Concept is a compact bicycle fitted with an electric motor that tops up the rider’s muscle power with an extra dose of torque. The i Pedelec concept isn’t just another e-bike as it is packed full of cool tech features, like disc brakes at the front and rear, a three-speed gear hub integrated into the motor, a lightweight frame made from aluminium and carbon fiber, a torquey electric motor complete with electronic management system and high-performance battery, and a clever folding mechanism. When the i Pedelec concept is stored in the back of the i3, it is also able to be recharged. The electric motor provides assistance up to 16 mph and has a range of 16-25 miles. It takes just four hours – or 1.5 hours on a quick charge – for the empty battery to be fully recharged, either from a standard plug socket or inside the trunk of the BMW i3 Concept.

BMW’s 360° ELECTRIC package combines the advantages of electric mobility with high levels of everyday reliability, convenience and flexibility. With 360° ELECTRIC, BMW i will offer a complete product and service package which BMW i3 drivers can rely on at all times, wherever they go. This package will be adaptable to a complete range of individual, user-specific mobility preferences, using innovative concepts and solutions. The 360° ELECTRIC product and service package is based on four main pillars: home charging, public charging, guaranteed mobility and, fourthly, integration with other innovative mobility concepts in order to overcome range restrictions.