The all new BMW Motorrad E-Scooter Concept promises to be the perfect means of transportation for the future urban dweller. The scooter has an all-electric drive train, top speeds that are safe for highway travels and a battery that can take you up to 62 miles on a single charge. Plus, this is a scooter fit for two, so feel free to take a date on a ride to the countryside without worrying about your scooter emissions spewing into the pristine environment. Watch a video of the prototype zipping around a track at impressive speeds after the jump.

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The BMW Motorrad E-Scooter was funded in part by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development which supported the scooter research with the understanding that BMW wanted to create a vehicle that had realistic real world potential. Current road-worthy e-scooters are limited to driving within towns and cities because their top speeds are too low for highway driving and their distance-capacity is too small for any extended use. BMW’s Motorrad E-Scooter can make its way onto faster roads — though definitely not in the fast lane, since it tops out at 40 mph — and can zip you from the suburbs to the city and back again without needing to visit a fast charger.

To make this new scooter lighter, BMW used the aluminum battery casing as the frame of the bike — instead of a heavier frame that most traditional bikes use — which brings down its overall energy use. The scooter recoups all energy used when decelerating or breaking and reroutes it back to the battery to power the scooter the next time it speeds up. In addition to being friendlier to the earth, the BMW Motorrad E-Scooter is safer for the driver as well, and it is the first time that safety standards typically applied to conventional cars have been applied to a two wheeled, electric scooter — just make sure you wear a helmet.

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