Bent plywood has made a huge impact on contemporary furniture. From the original Eames chair which introduced us to the concept of using molding plywood, designers have since been inventing new ways to exploit the economics of the material.

While it seems like every modern furniture company has released their version of the bent plywood chair, we tend to lean towards those which are simpler in form. The Bodyform Chair by Danko Persing is one such rendition, formed of one single piece of material. It is an extremely efficient use of wood, as the process requires less raw material than would traditional solid wood construction. Additionally, the plies for this (as with many of Persing’s pieces) are adhered with non-toxic, water based adhesives.

Persing’s design strategy is one which maximizes the natural beauty available from environmentally friendly materials. His collection is available from Vivavi, which operates with the guiding principle that “modern living and environmental stewardship are mutually attainable.” For more on their commitment to sustainability, see their website.

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