“It wasn’t nature that created straight floorboards; it was the limitations of technology.” Such is the philosophy behind Bolefloor, a new Dutch company that manufactures wood flooring by cutting boards according to the natural curves found in trees. The method saves wood by optimizing the number of boards that can be produced from one tree.

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Until now, floors of this style were only created by a few dedicated craftsman, but Bolefloor wants to bring the beautiful product to the mass market. To cut the boards, Bolefloor uses a unique technology that combines wood scanning systems, custom CAD/CAM developments, and “innovative optimization algorithms for placement software” developed by a Finnish engineering company and three software companies working with the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology. The scanners detect the wood’s natural edges and evaluates imperfections like knots to determine the most efficient and durable cut.

Bolefloor currently only works with oak, but other varieties should be available this summer when they will also release a list of dealers. Because each tree is cut differently, no two Bolefloors are alike. Customers can order wood in its natural state or finished with WOCA Denmark oils. Bolefloor does not specify if they use sustainably produced wood, but we love their mission to do more with less.

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