If you’ve ever wanted to know what dinosaur-flavored beer tastes like, now is your chance. Jason Osborne of paleontology and geology non-profit Paleo Quest has teamed up with Jasper Akerboom, a brew scientist at Lost Rhino Brewing Company, to make an ale like no other. Using a 35-million-year-old whale fossil, the pair created Bone Dusters Paleo Ale, an extremely limited edition brew that fuses a lost strain of yeast found in a dinosaur fossil with a modern craft beer.

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Osborn knows that Americans love their craft beer, so he conceived of the fossil-infused beer as to get people talking about science. He teamed up with Akerboom to derive a subspecies of a yeast already used in breweries from a whale fossil at the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland. The chosen specimen was swabbed and examined for usable yeast that could be used in beer fermenting.

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The first batch of Bone Dusters Paleo Ale will only be 650 gallons, making this a rare opportunity to savor the flavor of prehistoric whale. But Lost Rhino hopes the beer will catch on like wildfire, drawing enough demand from science nerds to spur the creation of another batch. The fossil-derived dino beer is said to have a sweet taste and an average 4.5% alcohol per volume.

+ Lost Rhino Brewing Company

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