Nothing rocks harder than sustainability. That is why Otis & Eleanor teamed up with designer Megan Sebold to create a lightweight bluetooth speaker set made from one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Wrapped entirely with bamboo, the Bongo speakers not only deliver superior sound, but also exude an awesome earthy vibe.

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In addition to an attractive bamboo shell, the Bongo features natural hemp cloth coverings for the speakers. Designed to resemble the radios of yesteryear, the speakers combine modern technology with a retro aesthetic. With APT-X audio decompression, 1.5” 3W drivers utilizing rare earth magnets, and 1.75” dual passive bass radiators, the Bongo makes a surprising amount of noise for such a small device. Fabricated in South China by companies vetted by Otis & Eleanor, the speakers strive to be both environmentally and socially sustainable.

“We love to travel, some of us live abroad, and we wanted to create a product that would travel with us. A product that would get us, and those around us to rip out their headphones and be together in the same room, listening to the same song,” say the designers.

While most bluetooth speakers cost upwards of $100, the Bongo set is available on Kickstarter for only $60. Launched on the crowdfunding site today and set to ship in December, the compact speakers are sure to make some noise.

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