Design company Moxbox has a thing for swingin’ sixties names like “Moxipop” and “Chromosomo” And, as one might expect from a company with a “Barberella” screen, Moxbox’s furniture would look right at home alongside a hanging bubble chair on the set of Austin Powers. But although Moxbox has a certain 60’s pop aesthetic, their beautiful furniture transcends mere retro nostalgia. This Boopop (huh?) coffee table is composed of 2 different layers of bamboo plywood which have been overlaid and cut in concentric circles. The grain of lighter bamboo runs perpendicular to the grain of the darker bamboo underneath, enhancing the optical effect created by the circles. A layer of resin over the top of the table smoothes the whole thing out into a flat surface.

In addition to coffee tables, Moxbox makes a bunch of cute curvy storage solutions, also out of bamboo, with names like (surprise surprise) “Mox” and “Box”. Alright, enough with the cuteness already! Okay. Well, silly names aside, I really do like your stuff, Moxybox.

Via Metropolis