We all know that we should be getting lots of healthy protein to keep our bodies in top shape, but that can be difficult if you are avoiding animal proteins. Luckily, a new countertop appliance can help boost your protein intake, with an easy DIY at-home vegetarian protein making system! The TempehSure system allows users to make protein-rich and versatile tempeh easily, without the complicated guesswork that comes with fermenting your own soybeans. The TempehSure oven looks much like a microwave, and lets users make delicious tempeh from not only soy, but also any other legume!

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Making tempeh from scratch is an arduous process, involving meshing soybeans with a fungus, and allowing them to ferment into a cake-like form that can be cooked up with flavorings or oils. But the TempehSure oven takes steps out of the complicated process, with a Dual-Stage Oven that both incubates and pasteurizes soybeans into tempeh automatically. Much like a toaster oven, the device uses a tidy metal tray, and comes with pre-portioned Starter Culture cups that allow beans to start the fermentation process with ease.

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Soybeans – or chickpeas or lentils if you prefer – are first treated in the Bean Spa, a portion of the oven that perfectly preps legumes to be cultured. The beans are then ready to pop into the oven portion, which is set to an ideal atmosphere for fermentation and pasteurization. With the TempehSure, the final edibles come out even and consistent, without the gray spots that can sometimes appear on store-bought tempeh.

Although the TempehSure is not available until later this year, we can’t wait to make our own varieties easily at home with a variety of legumes.

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