Ok, now we’re really mad. The news about trashed merchandise keeps getting worse. In the wake of last week’s story that H&M and Walmart have been ditching unsold clothing in trash cans behind their stores, some employees from the Borders Group have outed their company for plans to trash tens of thousands of books when they close over 200 Waldenbooks locations by the end of January.

The employees made a facebook group describing the company’s intent to rip the covers off unsold books, pack them up and send them back to warehouses to be trashed. The plan is to spread the news and pressure Borders to donate instead of dump the unwanted merchandise. And that’s not the worst of it – this is actually standard practice for most chain bookstores. An Inhabitat team member who worked at a Barnes and Noble heard about the practice of stripping book covers off of books and dumping them at Orange County, California locations in 2005.

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In this economic time when community centers and public libraries are serving more people than ever, this news is appalling. Public libraries across the country have been contacting Borders to ask for the unwanted merchandise as donations, but it seems Borders is leaning towards the cheapest option — trashing them. Call your local news station, join the facebook group or contact Borders and help get these books donated!

+ Don’t Dumpster Books Facebook Group