Consumers and homeowners can now get their hands on a home solar power and battery system, thanks to Bosch. Called the BPT-S 5 Hybrid, the integrated solar supply system has everything- an inverter, Saft lithium-ion batteries and energy management system. In total, the system provides an easy way of storing PV power that can be plugged into a home or grid in much the same way as a generator. Initially produced in 2012, this is the first time Bosch has made the unit commercially available—though currently only to buyers in Germany.

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The BPT-S 5 Hybrid was first introduced in 2012, but has now been introduced to the commercial market- meaning that storing and using solar power is even easier than ever. Ready to install, the system takes the guesswork out of wiring thebatteries, hooking up the charge controller and inverter.

Bosch partnered with PV storage battery leader Saft Li-ion, bringing the battery company into the commercial arena. Power from the home’s photovoltaic roof top array can be stored on site for future use, in the Saft Li-ion battery system. The Li-ion batteries are a viable and safe solution for solar energy storage, and as an industry leader a trusted name to introduce into the home.

The included charge controller makes sure the batteries are never over charged, preventing damage and ensuring longevity of the system. The Saft and Bosch system combined provide smooth, uninterrupted power than can be used in outlets in the home directly.

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Via Clean Technica