We all know how wonderful bikes are for the environment, but if you’ve been reluctant to make the switch because of the hassle that storing a bike presents, we’ve got exciting news for you! …If you’re in Boston, that is. Lucky Bostonians will soon have no excuse when it comes to choosing biking over cars. The city has announced plans to implement a brand new urban bike sharing system as early as next summer which, when complete, will be the largest in America.

bixi makes it easy,

The new system will be very similar to infrastructure already in place in cities like Montreal and Paris. Riders can pick up bikes at one of the 290 stations with a swipe of a credit card, ride it wherever they need to go, and dock it at the station closest to their destination – no heavy locks and chains necessary. In Montreal, people can pay abut $78 per year or $5 per day to participate, which is quite a bit more economical than owning a car. A Canadian company, the Public Bike System Company which operates a program called Bixi, was selected to bring a network of bike-sharing stations to Boston, with the option to eventually expand into neighboring Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline.

In addition to being better for the environment, bike sharing programs reduce our dependence on gas and keep us looking good (all that peddling works wonders for the calves). Plus you don’t have to worry about having to leave your car somewhere in order to enjoy a Sam Adams or two. Just bike to your favorite pub and walk or hitch a ride back home. We congratulate Boston for taking this huge step and are hoping that bike sharing fever soon spreads to a city near us.

Via Boston.com