Giuseppe Casuccio and Valerio Palmieri’s upcycled Bottle Up lamps are perfect for any restaurant or bar. Inspired by a lazy restaurant owner who let his empty bottles accumulate, the project lets business owners recycle their used bottles while also creating a gorgeously delightful lighting fixture. The design includes a detachable LED luminaire that affixes to any empty bottle, and also allows for liquids contained inside to heat, slowly evaporate and diffuse a fragrance.

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The Italian duo wanted to create a design that would inspire restaurant and bar owners to take discarded elements and transform them into something beautiful. The designers were inspired themselves by the unique and sometimes ornate shapes of glass beverage bottles—especially the red of Campari soda, or specialty soda bottles, shaped like small vases.

What makes Bottle Up so special, is not only the DIY factor, but its inclusion of evaporating liquid in the lighting system. The bottles are fitted with an aluminum cylinder that bears the LED luminaire. The cylinder cap also has a small hole that allows liquid to slowly evaporate over time. As the liquid burns up, the color given off by the lamp changes, morphing from a dark hue to light one over time. Users can even add fragrances to the lamps, which will double as a diffuser able to slowly give off the bar’s signature scent.

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