Bottled lamps by Ambientec are cordless LED lamps made with glass and aluminum that look like radiant bottles of wine. The innovative design can fit into any décor, whether it’s an outdoor picnic table or your nightstand. The design is shaped like a familiar wine bottle, and since it is waterproof and works for up to 24 hours without charging, it is totally versatile. But what really sets this lamp apart is its design, with gorgeous curves and an ethereal glow that lights up the room.

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Ambientec was founded in 2009 in Tokyo, with a focus on developing a way to harmonize design with the Earth – something they think is the key to a sustainable future. Part of that equation is understanding how people use their posessions and so, before designing Bottled, they asked themselves a few questions: Do people really need this product? Will it serve them well for many years? And how should it be designed so that it benefits both the user and the environment?

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The result is the innovative Bottled lamp, which can sit unassumingly on a kitchen table until it is needed. Then, once the light comes on, the design becomes something truly special, with a unique shape and glow. The company plans to release several limited edition versions of the lamp in copper, silver and gold. It was featured this year at Milan Design Week.

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