Members of the indie band Bowerbirds have been trying their hand at sustainable design with this fantastic self-built studio project. Since 2007, Beth Tacular and Phil Moore have been constructing their very own cabin and music studio, using only salvaged materials and running it on solar power. The band recently found success raising money on Kickstarter, and they are well on their way to minting a new album within the green construction.

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The idea of a DIY cabin and studio began with the goal of living simply and self-sufficiently. The site re-uses many materials, including secondhand windows, flooring and a log wall from an old tobacco barn. The design also incorporates a rainwater catchment and a grey-water system, and the interior is heated with a combination of solar energy and wood from the land.

In the end, the duo have created a brilliant green space; a cozy cabin nestled in the woods and an inspiring place to work.

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