Summer is all about being outdoors, but if you live in the city, heading out to the forest for a leisurely lunch probably isn’t in your near future. So the next time you pack up for a day in the city park or a rooftop BBQ, leave the plastic plates and utensil on the shelves and reach for Boxsal’s Urban Picnic Box instead! Dressed up like a boombox, this sweet set has been designed for all of thegraffiti artists, breakers, subway performers, and other city folks who think a high-rise can be every bit as scenic as a 100-year-old oak tree. Completely compostable, each picnic box comes with 8 compostable bowls (small and large), 4 utensil sets, 4 cups, 8 recycled napkins, and even a compostable trash bag!

+ Boxsal

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