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[BP] Architectures, Paris, France, architecture, urban design, mixed-use, housing, theater, classrooms, parking, daylighting, shading, aluminum shutters, carbon footprint

The M9-C project is located on the Parisian Left Bank and contains a nine-class school, a three-level theater, 66 social housing rental units, and a 51-space underground parking garage. The school and the theater are located on the main level so that the public can access these features. Outdoor space and utilities are shared to maximize function and flexibility. The housing units stack above these spaces providing occupants great views of Paris and the Centre Pompidou.

The relationship of the public and private spaces is seen within the forms of the building. The project distinctly responds to the urban context by providing a smooth envelope along all edges of the site, and provides a folded and varying façade along all sides focusing inward towards the center of the plot. These individual façades are made variously from terracotta cladding, aluminum shutters, and Buxy stone. The building’s L-shape is oriented along the Northwest and Northeast edges of the site, and thus the folded facades of the interior provide much-needed shading from the harsh southern sun.

A canopy above the first level also provides shading for the classrooms. [BP] Architectures developed a system of folding shutters that can be seen around the entirety of the building. More shutters are present along the interior facades facing south, and this provides privacy and sun protection to the housing units. Small perforations along the length of the shutters allows for sunlight to enter the exterior corridors while deflecting unnecessary heat gain.

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