Following in the footsteps of major companies like eBay, Google, Microsoft and AOL, oil giant BP has announced that it is leaving the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) behind. In a statement released today, the company said that they had chosen not to renew their membership. BP declined to say why they were leaving ALEC, but many companies have opted to leave recently as a result of the council’s controversial stance on climate change.

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According to a company spokesperson, the company reviewed its membership and decided to continue without the controversial ALEC, which has been under fire for “literally lying” – according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt – about climate change. “We continually assess our engagements with policy and advocacy organizations and based on our most recent assessment, we have determined that we can effectively pursue policy matters of current interest to BP without renewing our membership in ALEC,” the spokesman said.

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BP didn’t say whether ALEC’s views factored into their decision to leave, but ALEC has been under intense scrutiny for their views on climate change. The organization is responsible for drafting model legislation for lawmakers to use in crafting policies for addressing climate change. Though the organization denies that it believes climate change is not manmade, this model legislation often champions policies with the opinion that the human role in climate change is still unclear.

BP isn’t the first oil company to step away from ALEC. Last year, Occidental Petroleum announced that it was severing ties with the council as well.

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