Br+a+ce’s pedal-powered Mobile Farm Stand has been designed to bring fresh food to neighborhoods with inadequate access to fruit and vegetable providers. Curiously described as a “transformers-meets-food cart mashup with a modern design pedigree”, the first prototype will be launched this August in Mattapan – a Boston neighborhood where accessing farmers markets and fresh produce is not always so easy. Hit the jump to find out more.

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The project has many community-oriented objectives. First and foremost, the initiative aims to encourage healthy eating and to improve the community health of Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood by making fresh produce options more accessible. The project will also support the sustainable farming practices at Brookwood Community Farm and the efforts of local health advocacy group Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition by involving both NGOs as partners.

Built to be mobile, bicycle wheels will allow for two members of the Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition’s Vigorous Youth group (who will be employed to drive the carts) to transport produce to different locations within the neighborhood that receive maximum pedestrian activity, including an MBTA Mattapan Station stop.

The Mattapan Mobile Farm Stand project is currently undergoing a flexible funding campaign, and Br+a+ce is hoping to reach their goal of raising $7,743 before August 7th before this summer’s harvest season is over. Generous supporters will receive all sorts of goodies (tote bags, posters, postcards) that feature their attractive Farm Stand illustrations.