Make it Right, the non-profit founded by Brad Pitt to provide sustainable housing in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, has just announced they are building their very first tiny house. The non-profit has partnered with FYI’s “Tiny House Nation” to build the 496 square foot, solar-powered LEED Platinum house for a local middle-school teacher, and will unveil the finished property in a “tiny house-warming ceremony” on August 28th, one day ahead of the 10th anniversary of the devastating storm and subsequent levee failure.

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The tiny house will be the 109th home that Make it Right has completed in the Lower 9th Ward, a neighborhood that was submerged in 12 feet of flood water after Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf coast. 10 years later the neighborhood is continuing to rebuild, and the Make it Right solar-powered homes form a bright, modern and distinct corner of the neighborhood.

Speaking to, Brad Pitt recently expressed his pride at the work of the organization he founded seven years ago: “I’ll tell you, every time I drive over the Claiborne bridge [into the Lower 9th Ward], no matter what frustration I might be dealing with at the moment, I get this well of pride when I see this little oasis of color and the solar panels.”

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