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Universe Mind has long served as a major architectural centerpiece at the Moscow art park and is one of 28 sculptures to punctuate the public space. The intriguing sculpture has also been lit up and used as a backdrop for other festivals, but Radugadesign’s artistic interventions created an extraordinary experience that combined dynamic lighting to a perfectly paired atmospheric soundtrack. The precise practice of pixel-mapping light sequences made the sculpture appear as if it were moving.

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In addition to Universe Mind’s dramatic audio-visual light show that served as the main event, the New Media Night festival also showcased many other site-specific digital art installations. “Works produced for the festival are obviously all site-specific and must take into account the landscape in which they stand, the wind, the insects, that people who come across them will be intrigued and want to touch them,” said Ivan Polissky, chief curator of the festival. “Our visitors often feel like they are experiencing them personally, face to face, surrounded only by the night sky.”

+ Radugadesign

+ Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

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Images via Nikola-Lenivets Art Park