Brammo did for electric motorcycles what Tesla did for electric cars by creating a high performance vehicle that is both environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. For 2014, the company has gone above and beyond to make their new Empulse model lighter, faster, and even kinder to the earth. What’s more, because the bike now meets EU regulations, it will soon go on sale in the UK and across Europe.

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Aesthetically, the bike is very much the same as the original model, but it weighs 10 pounds less and reaches a new top speed of 110 mph. Two Continental SportAttack tires, which keep the bike glued to the tarmac and enhances performance, while an adjust riding position provides added comfort and control.

The Empulse has the same water-cooled engine and six speed gearbox that was in last year’s model, which ensures the same great efficiency and reduced running costs. Its battery charges from 20 to 80 percent in under two hours at a Level 2 public charging station and boasts a city range of 128 miles and 58 miles on the highway. Riders who hit both can expect an 80 mile range.

A redesigned LCD dashboard, which includes vital information such as speed, rpm, battery charge, energy usage, and estimated range, makes it easier to keep track of the bike’s performance while in use. But don’t worry: despite the enhancements, prices will stay the same. The Empulse will go for $16,995, while the Empulse R will cost $18,995. In the off-chance you’ve never heard of Brammo, it might be time to check them out, especially if you have an interest in high-performance vehicles that any adrenaline junkie would be proud to own.

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Images by Brammo