If Inhabitat were going to spin off a retail site it would be exactly like Branch. In fact, we really couldn’t do it any better – so we are just going to throw in the towel. When we first discovered Branch, we were a little jealous that they beat us to the retail punch. The store literally carries all of our top 20 favorite Inhabitat designs: Matt Gagnon’s paper table, Transglass tableware, Daniel Michalik’s cork furniture, Emiliano Godoy’s work, Perch!… However, Branch’s website is so beautiful and Tracy & Paul have such fabulous taste in selecting their products, that we can’t help but love them (and covet everything on their site).

Whether you are shopping for that perfect sustainable piece of furniture, socially conscious tableware, or a cute and cuddly kids toy, Branch is sure to have an item that you will fall in love with.

Branch is also donating a gorgeous set of Transglass Tumblers as prize to our Inhabitat reader survey, so they deserve extra love this month! And if you are dying for the Transglass Tumblers and don’t happen to win them in our survey contest, be sure to pick some up from Branch in whatever color you choose. They are surprisingly affordable!