Brave Space Design has become somewhat of a perennial favorite here at Inhabitat, drawing our attention with the Tetris-inspired shelves. And this weekend, you can check them out at this year’s BKLYN Designs, May 11 to 13. Staying true to their original design intent to provide modern environmentally-friendly furniture, their Hollow Dining Set is well on its way to becoming another Inhabitat favorite. Available in both a natural and amber finished bamboo, the Hollow Dining Set displays the beauty of the material while providing surprising spaces for unique storage opportunities.

The designers at Brave Space also took comfort into consideration, providing ergonomic cut-outs in the seat and back of each of the six chairs, which are nicely offset visually by alternating the direction of the grain of the bamboo (the hollow cut-outs also minimize the amount of material required to produce each piece). Each chair by itself, or the entire Hollow Dining Set are a great addition to those who are hunting for unique dining room set with an eco-friendly twist. If seating for six is too large for your space, a four-person arrangement is also available.

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