If you have a soft spot for vintage circuitry then you’ll love these spectacular tables made from outdated electronics. Designed by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs, the Binary Collection is a fusion of what Caldwell describes as “mid-century modern architectural philosophies” and material-inspired design innovation. This geek-chic piece is dubbed the BNR01110100, 011000010110, 001001101100, 01100101-01, or more simply, the Binary Table 01.

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The base of BRC’s binary table has been fashioned from computer towers that have been riveted together, and the surfaces have been completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, LCD screens, and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. The glass from the table was salvaged from an abandoned warehouse, and for an extra bit of analog fun you can spin the hard drives by hand, press the telephone keys and other buttons, and many other pieces can be rotated or slid around.

+ Benjamin Rollins Caldwell