While known for his upcycled chairs and tables, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs has also been dabbling in the world of fashion — or at least repurposing fashion. One of his latest projects has been to collect hundreds of pairs of denim jeans, which he scavenges for their pockets. The upcycled denim pockets are then sewn into a unique patchwork rug that has us DIYers salivating to create our very own.

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BRC Designs is a unique design firm out of South Carolina that has a knack for repurposing objects to create beautiful new works of furniture. We’ve covered a ton of Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s projects, and now his latest one steps into the soft goods world. He and his team have been hunting up a storm at thrift stores to collect old jeans that are taken for their pockets and labels.

The pockets are sewn together to form large patchwork area rugs, each of which are completely unique. They even take pockets from colored jeans to make bright rainbow-hued rugs.

But don’t worry around the remnant denim. After taking off the pockets, the design firm uses the crotch of the jeans for another project they are working on. They have even set aside the rest of the material for use in future projects.

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