BRC Designs just sent us their latest project — the Interweb Chair — which features a woven web-like seat made from 1,100 feet of coaxial cables found in an abandoned warehouse. The white color was obtained by stripping away the black outer core and copper shield, and the cables were then woven through 64 aluminum grounding bars, making this chair a true piece of “industrial craftsmanship”.

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The Frame of the Interweb Chair was carved from salvaged plastic bathroom stall walls that the designer found in the rubble of an old mill in South Carolina. The shapes were cut out using a Jigsaw and sanded to match, and then the plastic was heated and sanded again to bring out the original bright blue color, while preserving scratches and marks from the demolition.

BRC Designs is a South Carolina studio run by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell that creates unique designs carefully handcrafted from unconventional materials. The Interweb Chair will be presented alongside the designer’s Binary Chairs and Binary Table at the upcoming ICFF fair in New York.

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