Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s new LED chandelier fuses the structure of mid-century modern style with modern innovation. The Halide Chandelier recycles disused industrial elements into a dazzling, energy-efficient light. The piece will make an appearance at BRC’s display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC next week.

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The Halide Chandelier’s crystal droplets emanate from a flat, circular base and come to a central point, but the dazzling “crystals” are not like ordinary chandeliers. In a statement that celebrates the practicality of energy-efficient lighting, BRC recycled twenty-eight burned out industrial light bulbs into the hanging vessels that make up the lamp.

Sourced from a warehouse near the BRC Design studio, Caldwell collected the disused halide bulbs, and removed their original filaments. Each sparkling glass bulb was then retrofitted with four LED bulbs to re-illuminate the piece. Lastly, Caldwell gathered salvaged copper cable, which he then wove together and affixed to each bulb.

BRC’s  new lamp is not only stylish and energy efficient, but it also was the catalyst for change. Inspired by Caldwell’s collection of the halide bulbs, the factory he sourced them from opted to replace the burned out bulbs with energy efficient motion detection lights. Hot burning halide bulbs are renowned energy hogs, being one of the most energy consuming lighting systems out there. BRC’s  transformation of these bulbs into an energy efficient system is a statement of sustainability as much as it is design.

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