Electric vehicle charging stations have taken the world by storm lately – from Ford’s home hook up system to Ikea’s new parking lot charging stations. Now Inhabitat is proud to announce the brand new Sanya Skypump – which harnesses the power of the wind and sun to charge your EV! Developed by Urban Green Energy and GE Energy Industrial Solutions, the Sanya Skypump sets EV owners free from reliance upon the energy grid. Urban Green Energy gave us an exclusive first look at this exciting energy-generating EV charger – hit the jump to see how it works!

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The Sanya Skypump is a happy marriage between the GE WattStation and UGE’s solar-powered Sanya Streetlamp. The slim design can easily fit along roads or in parking lots, making EV charging easy and accessible. Many parking lots are already using solar-powered Sanya Streetlamps, so the Skypump would mesh in perfectly.

The Skypump is unique because it allows EV drivers to recharge their cars with green, renewable sources of energy. A UGE-4K wind turbine harnesses wind power, while solar panels on the Skypump’s roof generate electricity from the sun’s rays. The combined energy produced by the wind turbine and solar array is enough to significantly offset the charging station’s electricity use.

The GE Wattstation can fully charge an average electric vehicle in only four to eight hours. The Sanya Skypump is an easy solution for electric vehicle charging that provides power, and nighttime illumination using renewable energy sources.

+ Urban Green Energy

+ GE Energy Industrial Solutions