One of the biggest tenets of living a sustainable life is doing more with less, and as we grapple with reducing our carbon footprints we have to take a closer look at how we equip the world we live in. These beautiful recycled paper baskets from award-winning artist Leonor Mendoza are definitely a step in the lighter footstep direction. Made from recycled paper and cotton woven together, these colorful and multifaceted mats sport corner buttons allowing them to go from a colorful placemat to functional basket in seconds.

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Mendoza’s traymat creations are durable, waterproof and biodegradable. They come in a variety of patterns and styles and represent the philosophy behind Engage Green, the eco-minded design company which Mendoza and her husband run out of Brooklyn, NY. With an iconic penguin and rooster logo, Engage Green is always mindful of environmental impact. Using recycled and renewable materials, good design and resource conserving manufacturing methods, Engage Green’s designs bring functional, stylish sustainability to the green-inspired home.

$12 at Engage Green