Six Pack Rings Upcycled Into 165 Helianthus Pendant Light

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Six Pack Rings Upcycled Into 165 Helianthus Pendant Light by

The shape of Bao-Khang Luu's "165 Helianthus Pendant Light" draws inspiration from the plant world. Twenty-two inches in diameter, 12” high, and using 432 six-pack plastic rings, the light lamp weighs less than 4 lb. It collapses to 4” high, allowing it to be shipped in a smaller box. Using a technique developed over a year and a half, the six-pack rings are hand-woven onto metal lamp rings. This eliminates the use of new materials or adhesives to connect the six-pack rings together. UL parts and a Philips AmbientLED light bulb complete the 165 Helianthus Pendant Light. At the end of its lifecycle, each lamp can be deconstructed easily for upcycling or recycling.

175 votes

10 Responses to “Six Pack Rings Upcycled Into 165 Helianthus Pendant Light”

  1. e v lee says:

    beautiful design. after years of wondering what to do with those 6-pack rings, and seeing them pop up as the bane of environmental sustainability on land and water, thank you for offering a truly clever and bright solution.

  2. luckyparker says:

    I am a harbormaster and am particularly aware of the danger to wildlife because of the dumping of plastic into our seas. This design is beautiful and uses a plastic by-product that can cause untold damage when discarded. The natural circular shapes inherent in the product actually look like sea creatures or other sea life. Bravo on this lovely design!

  3. lolawants says:

    Actually the first thing that came to mind? A big bowl of Asian glass noodles. 🙂 Lovely piece, very organic.

  4. DEERINGG says:

    These are beautiful and great for the environment

  5. ddontr says:

    That is so beautiful. Hope they will sell on the shopping, I will to buy them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, E V. I’ve got more cool plans up my sleeve to keep these ubiquitous rings out of the water and landfills. Stay tuned! 😀

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great observation, Luckyparker. Though my lights are actually inspired by plants and Mid-Century Modern design, I did see how they started to look like sea creatures. It’s definitely a direction I’ll be taking in the future.

  8. anezkasebek says:

    when I see these rings, I pick them up and cut all the rings because I’ve seen them embedded in the neck of a duck. It is a form of extremely slow strangulation.

  9. moonroxx says:


  10. icecolady says:

    I truly hate those plastic rings and cut them up every chance I get. I think this design is absolutely wonderful. Every one of those rings is a potential wildlife killer and this light is a beautiful way to keep them out of the environment. Beautiful!