Booklight Lampshade Features Hundreds of Pages of Literature

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Booklight Lampshade Features Hundreds of Pages of Literature by

Designed by architect Anja Verdonk of Dutch Ginkgo Studio, the 'Booklight' is a paper lampshade made from upcycled books. Created from any type of print - ranging from comic strips to music notes to great american novels - the upcycled pages give way to a unique shade just for low-energy LED bulbs. This Booklight is a wonderful example of how recycled materials and modern design can work in harmony.

290 votes

20 Responses to “Booklight Lampshade Features Hundreds of Pages of Literature”

  1. Cliff Champion says:

    th15 l^mp 15 50 c00L!

  2. ricki says:

    definately different.

  3. shopshrew says:

    Fabulous design & artistry! So unique! Love it!!!

  4. Nikki J says:

    this is excellent

  5. Dan Mendes says:

    this reminds me of the museum of arts and design exhibition Slash paper under the knife, clever use of unwanted paper

  6. mojo3777 says:

    Beautiful! I am trying to vote, but not sure I am getting it done 🙂

  7. kaerl says:

    I love these designs, the organic and asymmetrical.

  8. shopshrew says:

    Sensational Artistry!

  9. zart3333 says:

    I think it is wonderful!

  10. TLOP says:

    Beautiful, eco-friendly and unique. You deserve to win

  11. dindi says:

    Lovely design!

  12. Carolyn Joan Lau says:

    excellent idea, beautifully configured and so practical… made from any kind of book/magazine, if it gets too dusty, compost it and make another one… how cool is that?!

  13. Eccentricity says:

    I voted for your wonderfully unique and great looking entry. Wish you the best of luck.

  14. angelinainspirations says:

    So unique! Love it!!

  15. dondies says:

    this light makes me happy. It so interesting and fulfilling like a good book should be.

  16. 640lisa says:

    Awesome idea and looks so cool!!!

  17. oda says:

    Bella opera! Brutal Simplicity!

  18. Nani Originals says:

    Wonderful work, you are so talented!

  19. LaBellaTerra says:

    Anja does such an awesome job with this – recycling can be artistic, beautiful & functional

  20. cwendt says:

    So unusual and interesting! Love how you are also recycling!